Sunday, 22 September 2013

Where's my van? ( charged-up in St. Coulomb )

I hate camping.  But I really really want to camp here. This morning Ile Besnard and Dunes des Chevrets were just meaningless names on a map.  At first I aimlessly cycled off towards Cancale.  These spots were actually visible from the main road!

It's still afloat !

Africa ?

The I did my usual wondering by veering off the main road towards the ocean as often as possible. The signs said something about Saint Coulomb, dunes de something and some ile.

Cruising down a narrow road down a hill frequented by camper vans and pedestrians heading to a store or pub, one person was carrying a large shopping bag that had Koeln imprinted on it. But my question whether the bag contained beer native to that city was only answered by a chuckle ;-)

Then I came to the stretch of land that connected the camping areas to the Ile de Besnard and that was home to the dunes. A gorgeous spot !

They remind me of the 3 old men sitting on a log in Asterix in Corsica

Talk to them and they talk back ;-)

I took a different route back to St Malo and was rewarded by crossing that bridge

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