Saturday, 21 September 2013

Stansted II (Robbed Blind by Gaelic Thugs)

After my encounter with the mysterious South China Sea Woman, I returned to Stansted Airport to catch a Ryan Air flight to the country of my ancestors.  To make a short story short:  Ryan more than doubled the price of my ticket because I had not been able to do an advance online check-in and print my boarding card at the B&B the previous night. 
The free Wifi at Stansted works for 2 seconds every 2 minutes. Never in my life have I seen people more willing to be treated like mindless cattle that in my two hours in Stansted Airport.   And since they were willing, they were treated that way.  I was one of the few ones inquiring why I had to show my boarding card to buy a small bottle of overpriced water in the area behind the security check-out.  In Duty-Free stores I could see a reason for a demand to see a boarding pass, but for a bottle of water in a regular store?   However, my mood was appeased quickly by the apologetic smile of the young woman at the cash teller, only to deteriorate again when herded into Ryan's plane, which offered the least leg-room of any of the planes I have taken so far.
But since it was only a 50 minute flight, it was not really an issue.  I was just glad to be out of Stansted.

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