Friday, 13 September 2013

The Pros of ferry travel (Wow, WoW, WOW !)

1) You get from point A to point B without having to drive a car ;-) (although read the CON post just before this one)
2) Blueberry pie ;-)
BC Ferries Blueberry pie
3) You'll think of something ;-)
4) People watching (People are way more relaxed on a ferry than they are on a bus, for example).  To keep them that way I refrained from taking pictures ;-)
5) Getting out of the big nasty city (Only in some cases. In other cases you get delivered there ;-(
6) Fresh Air and Scenery:

Since there is no other ferry right in front of you and on both sides of you, you don't have to inhale their exhaust and they don't block the view. This also significantly reduces the risk of collisions ;-)

7) Seagulls !!!

8) Whales (only if you're lucky )

There are NO WHALES in this picture

9) Waves
From the lowest deck of the ferry

More waves ...

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