Friday, 20 September 2013

Only in England? (or: The multi-user telephone seems extinct)

Dr. Who is a TV series.  The main character is a Time Lord (don't ask me), who - if my knowledge is even remotely correct - travels through time and space in a Tardis.
The Tardis

This Tardis looks just like a British Police Call Box. Which in turn looks very very similar to an extinct British Telephone Booth.

The phone booth

So if someone my age has to explain to the youth of 2020 or 2030 what a British Phone Booth is, we'll have to start something like this:  "It kind of looked like a Tardis" (you can bet that Dr. Who will escape the age of the extinction of the phone booth safely) " But it was red. It was used to make telephone calls.  No, not a shelter to use your cell-phone when it is raining. There was a telephone inside.  No, no one stole the phone inside the booth, because it was attached by a cable. And even if someone stole it:  it wouldn't work anymore without its cord"

To make a long story short and get to the gist of this post:  There are no more public telephones in England to be found by this wannabe telephoner. Or anywhere else in the world to my knowledge.  And my cell phone does not roam over here. Now if you ever were looking for a reason to stay in a hotel instead of a B&B, here it is. Hotels usually have telephones in the rooms, B&Bs usually do not.

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