Friday, 27 September 2013

Around and around I go (Brighton Wheel)

I had been dreading paying 30 pounds to take the London Eye, the giant Ferris Wheel that was built for the Olympic Games.   Today I received an e-mail from Yiman that the entrance fee to the Shard’s Observation Deck is 30 pounds if bought at the door. You can probably imagine my delight when I discovered a rather large Ferris wheel right behind Brighton Pier.  I went over to the ticket office to check out how much the fare was, and after discovering that it was 'only' 8 pounds, I bought my ticket.  This wheel has 36 cabins, each with a capacity of 6 or 8 people.  However, today, including me, there were a total of 5 persons on the wheel. No line-ups whatsoever ;-) They guarantee you a minimum of 3 revolutions, but usually the wheel is slowed down by people entering or exiting the gondolas. So today, without the many stops to discharge passengers, the revolutions passed rather quickly, but the staff threw in a 4th revolution for that reason.

Some pictures:

Brighton Pier from above

Nicer place for wedding pics than my hotel ;-)

Brighton & Hove. Like !

It's a flash, not a gun !

Can't be Dover. But I saw white cliffs, so no need to go to Dover 

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