Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A wee Ferry ride (Saint Malo to Portsmouth)

I finally realized how lucky I was with respect to my cabin on the Oscar Wilde, the ship that took me from Ireland to France, back in June, when I had never set eyes on Saint Malo (hard to believe now).  For roughly the same price as I paid now, I had an outside cabin on Deck 9, the Bridge Deck.  The fact that my present cabin is an inside cabin (i.e. no windows) is not the fact that bothers me. What troubles me is that I will be sleeping below the water line.  Considering we are going to cross one of the busiest shipping lines in the entire world for 8 hours in pitch DARKNESS, I’d rather have slept somewhere where I wouldn't have to fight inflowing water torrents on my way to the outside if anything goes wrong.  Apart from that the cabin is just fine. Well, apart from the flakes of tobacco, head hair and other types of hair found in the wooden cabinet box that my mattress rests on.  A true seafaring adventure !  

a bike lane

Did the thistle think it would go unnoticed in the razor wire?

not quite ;-)

All aboard!

10 Euros

what the captain sees

After a long sleep

Isle of Wight


catching some fresh air when all the cars start their motors (loading ramp at end of ferry in upright position)

a motley crew abandoning ship

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