Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Hope again ( I: Alexandra Bridge)

In the past, Hope was the beginning of a trip to Dawson Creek, or on the return journey it signaled HOPE of being back in Vancouver soon.  Both of these meanings are gone these days, since Dawson Creek ceased being the residence of my grandparents and since I am no longer hoping of returning to Vancouver sooner than later.  Hope has become a refuge from the noise, pollution, and pandemonium of Vancouver.  And it is performing this role rather well.  The surroundings are beautiful and largely unspoiled.  Be it the Othello tunnels or the 'flea-market' in Yale that I can never drive by without stopping (5 DVDs for $5!); the time here seem to lag 10 to 20 years behind.
The tourist prospectus in the hotel room carried a picture of Alexandra Bridge on its cover.  I've driven by there many many times, but never had the time to stop (or so I thought at the time), so this time I'm taking the time to look for the 150 year old bridge over the Fraser River.
Supposed to be downhill of the railway tracks!
Train bait (and it worked ;-)

downhill of the trees?

There she is !

The view upstream

The salmon fishery is closed and I guess these guys check whether that's being followed

the view from below

When approaching the railway line on my way back up, I though I heard a strange noise ...

Good thing I didn't put my ear on the track !

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