Saturday, 28 September 2013

Oh thank you Wikipedia !

I just read an article about the Patagonian Toothfish.  

Ugly bugger, isn't he?   But you've most likely eaten one.  So in a tiny way you are co-responsible for the Toothfish-fishery being called 'an unstable fishery'. Fancy words for the fact that the Patagonian Toothfish will be the Cod or Sockeye of next year.  Why would this ugly beast with an ugly name be getting fished close to depletion?  Because someone had a very bright idea.  You see, no one would order a Patagonian Toothfish from a restaurant menu (OK, maybe I would, but then I'm strange that way) or buy it in the supermarket.  So what that certain someone did was to RENAME the fish (only in North America, where most of these get eaten).  They just called it the Chilean Sea Bass.    Ring any bells?

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