Saturday, 28 September 2013

Could have walked that (4.6 Miles from Worth to Horley)

Funky Fungus
I'm leaving The Regency Hotel at 10 am, hoping to make it to the next bike store to get my bike problem solved.


No speeding
The distance to Horley, location of Gatwick Airport and location of a bike store is 4.6 Miles.  Both batteries are fully charged and if I ride that distance with full battery assist ("TURBO" they call it ;-), I should be able to almost exclusively use my right leg to pedal, avoiding putting a load on that already wobbly left crank.

The dreaded moment has arrived

No pedaling today ;-(

At least so was the thinking.  But what luck:  The crank avec pedal finally falls off without further ado on a bridge over railway tracks.  I am able to coast down the road off the bridge and have to hit the brakes when I realize I was about to pass the bike shop ;-)  The shop owner seems to know exactly what to do about the crank.  But my suspicion was correct: No store called on a Saturday has that part in stock as a is quickly revealed.

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