Friday, 20 September 2013

In the Shire (on the wrong side of the road, no less)

There be Hobbitses !
Considering that I grew up just around the corner, it is truly shocking I have never been here!
I just landed in the country of freckles, supposedly overcooked and awful food, unpronounced Hs, glasses of Woe To (woe to whom?), Hobbits, and Isaac Newton. (OK, also Queen, Kings & Queens, Rolling Stones, Big Ben, Pink Floyd, Tower Bridge, Beatles, Stone Henge, Who, Cliffs of Dover, defeated Armadas, Ex-Wifes of Henry the 8th, etc etc, etc)

I arrived at 8am at Gatwick, took the Gatwick Express train (buy the tickets at the machines, NOT from the airport concierge !!!) to Victoria Station (I always thought it'd be GRANDER, like the Gare du Norde, for example), and since that is located on Buckingham Palace Road, I took the chance to walk there (The Queen's Huuse, that is).

 Pictures of an impromptu audience granted with 'u no hu' will be posted next April 1st.  U NO HU also sends her regards to her loyal subject Denise ;-)

Right now I am sitting in Witherbees in Victoria Station having a traditional breakfast.  Contrary to what I experienced in Ireland, an English breakfast has Potatoes!  The British cook their meats quite well, but since I haven't seen any veggies yet, I can't say anything about them yet.  But I can have a glass of Chardonnay at 10 am. That means two things:  1st) This is a civilized country & 2nd) Canada must have come up with its crazy liquor laws all on its own ;-)

Free Internet is provided by something called The Cloud. The provider wants my birth date and my inseam measurements before they let me surf, but it's free, it works, and it's fast ;-)

as it 'appens

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