Friday, 27 September 2013

Brighton ( Not ‘alf bad, No ‘alf bad)

I had been dreading Brighton.  It could have been one of those seaside resorts without a soul but with any imaginable trap set to keep the money of the elderly female tourists that wear way too much make-up in relation to their high stiletto heels.   But it's not. It actually reminds me a lot of Bray, Ireland.

Also: there are advantages to booking the hotel room one is going to stay the night in only on the morning of the same day.  Hotels panic as easily as airlines.  If they think they’re going to fly the night with empty seats or beds, they slash prices.  In this particular case, the price was slashed by more than 50%. For 59 pounds (still about $100, so definitely not cheap, but then the cheapest room in Brighton is 50 pounds) I’m staying at the Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton.

I have an ocean view room and can see Brighton Pier right outside my window.  Of course, the hotel has no bicycle storage, so le velo is sitting in my bedroom, and there are no direct-dial telephones.  There is a Morrison supermarket 2 blocks away, so dinner & breakfast will be cheap. The beach is literally right across the street. 

Normally I’m not a big fan of Jacuzzis, but since I spied one in my bathroom (WTF?), I decided to take a bath.  A good decision; not many things feel better after a long bike ride ;-) 

Why a view?  To see View as a function of Time, of course !

Late afternoon

Early evening


Early morning

good camouflage

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