Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Adrift on the Tonle Sap (Phnom Penh to Siem Reap) (still mostly without text)

What would a day be without another sunrise?

 All of a sudden, the motor is throttled down and the boat driver (captain?) turns us into the current.

 While the entire crew is busy doing something under that hatch, I notice that the shore seems to be coming closer rapidly.
 I start counting out loud.   10 meters
 7 meters
 Then I decide it would be wiser to get my feet ONTO the boat.
 WHAT is that NOISE though?  Are we sinking ?
 Nope, one of the tourists brought a toy !

 15 minutes after crashing into the shore, the engine is restarted.
 The drone-owner has severe trouble landing his toy in the wind on the moving boat.  He even asks the crew:  Can you stop the boat?  Silly Westerner ! One of the crew members is getting ready to pounce ;-)
He fixes the motor, pushes the boat, catches the drone, and then he just sits down on the bench at the back of the boat again and looks like those other millions of young Cambodians one never really notices
TEN of these guys would be MORE use to Make America Great Again than 10,000 White Biggots !

The African Queen

 Hats being blown off owners' heads move VERY quickly on this boat, LOL. A lesson I have learned TWICE in the past, but the newly uncovered mead below is still coming to terms with.

We make it to Siem Reap eventually.   

The city is shedding its old skin again to be even MORE tourist-ready.

Ever heard the expression 'something is being spruced up'?  Well, Not only is the entire river being 'palmed up' (just like the new SF Bay Bridge!) but all the bridges are being rebuilt !

Too exhausted to do much else (hey, it's only been 48 hours since I've soiled my pants !), we stumble over to Marum Restaurant (HIGHLY recommended !)  My sea bass tapa is divine and Zu's frog legs are even better.   
The only thing ODD is a one of the three free appetizers.

It does look like ......... you know ....
The Google Images search results for Maggots Dish

Monday, 23 January 2017

Phnom Penh Poo and other points of reference in semi-aimless wondering.

Why are the PINK helmets always larger than the black ones?  

Dame Edna does Bokor !

sweetly the Buddha whispers in my ear

 Bokor Hill Station.   The Casino resort of the deceased rich and famous.

My fowl foot is bigger than your fowl foot !

NOT the bridge over the River Kwai (Kampot)

Bus travel in Cambodia.  I don't think I'll ever get used to it.

Oh, right. I guess I should explain that slightly odd title.

After hearing of Montezuma's Revenge or Dehli Belly, I am proud to be able to add another term to the list (I don't think anyone has used this one before, LOL).

Advice to the traveler affected by Phnom Penh Poo:   Make sure to NOT cough when smoking a cigarette.  Otherwise the result may grace the back of you pants.

We manage to clench our way through enough of the bus ride and I only end up coughing 200 meters from the hotel in Phnom Penh.  By the time of the next picture (next morning), all gastrointestinal woes have ended.
Can one EVER get enough of a Phnom Penh sunrise ?
(it's so gorgeous that it's almost worth soiling one's pants, LOL)