Monday, 9 January 2017

Last minute preparations or T minus 1 day

Yes, snow does look kind of pretty.
But the city's inability to clear snow makes this a pain for cyclists

The colour and expression of my face should be safe-explanatory.   ENOUGH with the friggin cold, PLEASE ! 

While I am delighted to leave Vancouver, there are people I am going to miss.   Grandma, of course, but also my daily morning wine suppliers, foremostly Eda and Regina, LOL.

I can't imagine the day starting any better than with Eda pouring wine

T minus 30 hours

9 am. I could sleep forever.   The cold, the darkness, and my middle name must have combined to evoke hibernation genes.

But NOT today.  I have too much to do.   Return the rental car, shop for and visit Grandma, empty my room of anything that shouldn't be here when I check out tomorrow.  At 10 am it seems overwhelming.

1 pm.  Laundry is done (don't want to leave dirty clothes in the car!) and shopping has been completed.

4 pm.  Back from visiting Grandma.  I wish someone would look after her while I'm gone, but there is no-one.  I don't like leaving her all by herself but I also need to get out of here.  A dilemma that is solved by a selfish but necessary action.  
Pouring rain and gloominess have replaced the sunny deep-freeze outside and I can feel my already questionable mood deteriorating even further.  I'm starting to understand why Russians drink so much and am very much looking forward to that 9 oz glass of White Rascal at Earls after Zulema gets here.

5:30 pm.  I fill up the rental car and return it.  The bill is high, but they actually gave me a very good deal for the 3 weeks that I had the car. They didn't even call me to check when I'd return the car because they know that my alternative and much preferred mode of transportation is a bicycle and they realized that the icy nightmare of the last weeks was NOT conducive to cycling.

8 pm.  Zulema arrived, we had pizza at Earls, and I drank 4 glasses of wine.  My mood has improved considerably, LOL. 

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