Saturday, 21 January 2017

Dame Edna. In Ruins. Or Bokor Hill Station and Wo der Pfeffer waechst

When I wake up at 5:45 am, Trump is POTUS.
No wonder I feel like just going back to bed.

By 9 am we have our scooter and I've filled the tank at the corner gas bar.   When it comes to wearing Zu's shades against road dust and the larger one of the two provided helmets everything starts going wrong.

 Can you say "The Dame Edna Experience" ?

But HEY, if the big D can be POTUS, I can be Dame Edna !

 So There !

I'M the PRETTIEST Dame Edna EVER of all TIMES in the UNIVERSE

My Head is SOOO BIG and my helmet is SOOO PINK
Ok, enough of the Big D; Trump is no longer funny. He's just embarrassing !

Let's concentrate on pictures of the ride to Bokor Hill Station.

Above is the grass.  Below is our scooter in EXACTLY the same colours as a SNAKE we see crossing the road on the way down later.  From what I hear, a bit from that snake would have killed a human within one hour.  
Or as Julian said on the island "We have King Cobras here" !!!

King Cobras?   Gotta listen closely to the Buddha or whoever this is.
and look for signs !

And what is that over there across the GREAT DIVIDE that I spy?  THAT is actually the REASON for coming to Kampot in the first place.  Doesn't look like much from here, does it? ;-)

15 more minutes on the scooter and I'll start hopping on the seat of my scooter while emitting Yippee noises.   Kind of what I did when I headed North from Brest and saw the coast for the first time.

The taste and texture of the below feast originally led us to believe that we were eating duck.    

But THESE ain't duck feet !
Where is the mirror ?  (Hint: There is none ;-)

NO comment

Kampot. Cambodia.(Think large ethnic Chinese population)  Chinese New Year is only a week away.  

Kampot. Sunset over Bokor Mountain. AMAZING 

Oh, right, the title!  There is a German expression used mostly by exasperated people when they can't continue an argument and want their opponent to be AS FAR away from them as possibly imaginable.  "Geh doch dahin, wo der Pfeffer waechst !" (Oh, why don't you just go where the pepper grows?).    I can happily report to all those Bart Simpsons of my youth who couldn't hold up to my logical and verbal onslaught that their wish has finally come true.  I truly AM where the pepper grows.

 LOL, meet the world famous Kampot Pepper :
Not my pic

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  1. Pink hat..Power to the women. I didn't know you were matching for women's cause in SE Asia too