Monday, 23 January 2017

Phnom Penh Poo and other points of reference in semi-aimless wondering.

Why are the PINK helmets always larger than the black ones?  

Dame Edna does Bokor !

sweetly the Buddha whispers in my ear

 Bokor Hill Station.   The Casino resort of the deceased rich and famous.

My fowl foot is bigger than your fowl foot !

NOT the bridge over the River Kwai (Kampot)

Bus travel in Cambodia.  I don't think I'll ever get used to it.

Oh, right. I guess I should explain that slightly odd title.

After hearing of Montezuma's Revenge or Dehli Belly, I am proud to be able to add another term to the list (I don't think anyone has used this one before, LOL).

Advice to the traveler affected by Phnom Penh Poo:   Make sure to NOT cough when smoking a cigarette.  Otherwise the result may grace the back of you pants.

We manage to clench our way through enough of the bus ride and I only end up coughing 200 meters from the hotel in Phnom Penh.  By the time of the next picture (next morning), all gastrointestinal woes have ended.
Can one EVER get enough of a Phnom Penh sunrise ?
(it's so gorgeous that it's almost worth soiling one's pants, LOL)

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