Friday, 13 September 2013

Langley? Which Langley? ( The many faces of L.)

Open Google Maps. Type in Langley, BC, and hit enter.  The map will show you a section of the lower Mainland between roughly Burnaby and Chilliwack.  And there is Fort Langley. And there is Langley. Oh, and there is Langley.
There are two Langleys on the map in addition to Fort Langley. Since I am staying very close to the Langley Bypass, I decide that the real Langley must be the one I am very close to. Otherwise, what would they have built a Bypass for?  So to the lovely rustic charming center of Langley City I take off.
Only I can't find it. Getting lost in an industrial and commercial wasteland I keep re-checking Google Maps on my phone. The center of Langley must be here somewhere!  And then I find it.  The center of Langley (the one they built the Langley Bypass around) is a giant parking lot.  The only way to figure this out is by inspecting the buildings around the parking lot.  On one side of the parking lot there is a giant Army & Navy in a mall. And on the other side there is the Library and the City Hall.  I have found Langley!
Probably a good thing no-one heard me curse in my car as I break numerous traffic- and by-laws trying to get out of there as quickly as possible.  There are also no pictures of that area, because I WILL NOT go back there to take any.

In the morning I go for a bike ride.  Google maps had some green spots on it.
Obstacles on the way to the green spots

A green spot on the map

I always suspected that some RETARDS need  NO DUMPING signs to 'get it'

Another 'green' spot. As per sign: An Environmentally Sensitive Area

Now what is that?  WHITE FOAMY THINGS!

In addition to white foamy things: GREEN SLIME.    I guess the dumping worked ;-(

Don't get me wrong, there are gorgeous and most likely unspoiled areas in the outlying areas of Langley.  But here in the heart of darkness close to the Bypass, HWY 10, and Fraser Hwy, this is all you get (at 8am !)

A suspicion raised in a previous blog post is confirmed:  At that time I noticed (while stuck in nightmarish traffic) the abundance of brand-new car-dealerships along the Langley Bypass.   On my bike ride this morning I found the other parts of the puzzle. Gas stations. Tire centers. Car repair shops. Body shops. Car parts outlets. More car-selling stores. More, more, more..... Welcome to CAR CITY!

A note on the motel:  Westward Inn & Suites is located in the heart of this ugliness, but it is CLEAN,  COMFY, QUIET & CHEAP.  The staff is FRIENDLY. What did Arnold say?

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