Friday, 27 September 2013

To the Hills, Head to the Hills ! (Brighton to Crawley by bike)

As in July, I have gotten accustomed again to falling asleep and waking up to the crashing of ocean waves.  A very relaxing sound.  In St. Malo I used to sit on the stairs leading into the ocean, one or two steps above the level that the ocean could reach at the moment, and would just watch and listen to the waves.  And trust me: It beats Don Cherry and Hockey Night in Canada any day ;-)  As I type this, the waves around Brighton Pier hit the beach in confirmation.  So it is not surprising that my decision to head north fills me with just a tiny bit of worry or dread.

The style of King George V

Brighton Cathedral?

Thank you Google Maps

going into the hills was fun; coming down into the plain wasn't.

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