Friday, 27 September 2013

A wee bike ride (Bognor Regis to Brighton)

After feeling like I escaped the Land of Mordor and Bognor seemingly unharmed, I keep following the coast east.  I buy stamps to send postcards.  One of the postcards has the cheesy happy royal couple on it (Andrew & Kate). The Post Office I buy the stamps in is the Post Office of the town of Middleton. Go figure!


A brilliant way to block the view from one's living room window 

I found one



Not Phoenix

Judging by the engine noises, Brits are an illiterate bunch


What have we here?

The Pier at Worthing

Yummy Peas ! (?) !

This way to the promised land

I forget all the town’s names, because it seems that the current town will end and the next town will start at every tree along the roadside.  Nice places I remember are Littlehampton and Worthing. Even though the name of the latter didn’t really bode well, they actually employ people here to pick up refuse (garbage) left behind by retards. (Maybe Bognor wouldn’t have so many empty hotel rooms if they did the same?)  There is no Burger King in sight (I would have liked to have internet access), but right at the Pier of Worthing (EVERY sea town has one of those. My theory is that at some point gambling etc was not permitted on dry land, so all the towns built piers and put casinos and the like on it) there are a few restaurants.  And I learn another lesson.  While in France, every restaurant owner took pride in the type of wine they served you and consequently my order of Rose was filled many, often spectacular ways, here in England I receive California White Zinfandel as the house Rose.  ‘nuff said!  Never again!  The fish is excellent though ;-)  And here is the even stranger thing:  The Fish & Chips is not accompanied by coleslaw, but by peas.  All my life I hated peas, but I’m leaving chips behind but finish ALL THE PEAS!  What is happening to me?  Am I getting used to British Cuisine (Only 5 minutes ago this would have been an oxymoron!)? Should I be worried?

Brighton in the distance

A roof with glazed blue tiles

Where is the tower?

Shoreham by sea

Shoreham by sea
 After this, the bike path leads over locks, right by a power plant, and through some of the worst industrial area I have ever cycled through.  Steelworks, Works that load garbage onto ships (Hello 3rd world, have some of our refuse), a power station, and lots of gravel and aggregate sifting operations (that dust mixes really well with the breeze).  Given that the predominant winds are from the North West, placing all this crap here ensures that it gets blown across the channel to Europe.

Southwick or Hove?

West Brighton Pier

I have arrived

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