Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Don't eat what's on your plate. Eat what's in your fridge !

In the evening news:  1/3 of all the food produced in the world ends up in the garbage. At the same time: 870 million people go hungry EVERY DAY.  Horrible as it is, it is difficult to point the finger at any one culprit.

Because in the 'first world' it is mostly us, the consumers, who fuck up. When was the last time you threw out the old bread because you just bought new bread or could get fresh buns just around the corner? How often did you throw out meat or dairy, because the well-meant 'best before' date on the package was yesterday?  Hint:  just because it was BEST before yesterday, doesn't mean it's bad today.

Now, if you say that the food you eat instead of tossing it just makes you fat and doesn't help the hungry, you're semi-correct.  But consider that the food you didn't eat needed water to be produced and that the effort of producing it most likely contributed to global warming. And if you hadn't bought a replacement for the 'spoiled' food in the first place and had donated some of the savings to a charity, you maybe could have just made a tiny bit of a difference.
And yes, while I'm writing this there is day-old bread sitting on my motel fridge.  And yes, I will have dry bread for breakfast.
P.S.:  After breakfast I am happy to say:  The bread is much drier in one's mind than in reality !

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