Saturday, 21 September 2013

Dinard (or Landing a plane on a dinner plate)

Dinard airport is the smallest airport I have ever landed on.  And I've been flying for ~40 years now. When a split-second after the ROUGH touch-down, the pilot hit the brakes with all the force they could handle (that’s what it felt like), I thought  we had one or several flat tires. But the real reason became instantly clear after coming out of the plane. (And I don’t think it was that the pilot tried to avoid hitting the ancient fire-truck ;-)
The airport and its runway are just very small for a fully grown Boeing 737 ;-) 

While in other cities the reason only two customs officers might be working the immigration booths still eludes me, the booth here in Dinard only has room for 2 ;-)  Needless to say, there is no train station attached to the airport.
  Neither buses nor coaches have a stop here.   No taxis were at the ‘taxi stand’.  A British couple had reserved a taxi and they were not amused that the cab was not there.  A bit of telephoning revealed that the reserved taxi was on its way.  Another French woman was talking to the taxi dispatch centre (so I at least assumed), but when the reserved taxi finally arrived, the cell-phone at the driver’s ear made it clear that the French lady was actually talking to the driver of the taxi that the British couple had ordered.  The best part:  The driver did not even hesitate to say OUE to the posed question whether all 4 of us (3 parties) could split the taxi and the fare, since all of us were trying to get to the same part of the same town.

 Vive la France ;-)

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