Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Hope again (II: Hell's Gate )

A few kilometers north of Alexandra Bridge is another spot that I've passed by numerous times and  this time made an effort to see. Hell's Gate Airtram.  It's a cable car descending over a very narrow part of the Fraser River (Because it is so narrow and it still has to convey all the water, the river is VERY DEEP here: I seem to remember something like 100 m) Check their website (link above) for more info about the fish ladders built by US & Canada in the 40s (?) in order to bypass the rock slide caused by railway engineers in 1913 that made the river almost impassable for salmon, etc etc. The entrance price of ~$20 is cheap compared to the ride up Grouse Mountain. The ride is shorter than the Grouse Mountain ride but it is spectacular, the walk over the bridge down there is cool too, and the other tourist concessions down there are not quite as tacky as the stuff at Capilano Suspension Bridge, which I once had the misfortune of crossing with some visiting German tourists.

Bridge over troubled waters ...

One doesn't have to take the cable car ;-)
At the time I was dismissing these tourist-ready installations as stuff that was way below me, but two years later I am happy that George insisted on these pictures.  (How did I get so high in years while remaining so low in wisdom?)

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