Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The TRUE centre of Langley (Mea Culpa)

During my last visit I thought I had identified the centre of Langley as a parking lot.  I identified it incorrectly, it turns out.  The centre of Langley is not a parking lot.  It is a store-laden tourist street a few blocks long lined by parking spots along the entire length on both sides. had ChuChu Restaurant as one of the best restaurants in Langley. So this is where I went to eat.  The restaurant was nice (planes, trains & automobiles on the walls & ceiling), the waitress was great, but the chef must have had a bad day, because my taste buds were far from getting excited. When I mentioned to the waitress that I had to look for the fish in all that batter that surrounded it, she took 25% off the price of the meal. A very decent thing to do. Thank you!  But not enough ;-(

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