Friday, 27 September 2013

My left pedal ( or My former left crank)

My left pedal is making creaking noises.  BAD creaking noises.  I thought I'd just drop by a local bike shop and buy a new one.
Or so I thought until I flipped the bike upside down and had a closer look at it.  There is a bolt missing.  That bolt would hold the left crank firmly attached to the motor, if it was still there. But it isn't and there is nothing really holding my left crank onto the motor but inertia.  It's wobbling already !  No major riding before this gets fixed.

So I'm going to visit a bike shop tomorrow. But they might not have the right part and I might I have to go to a car repair shop .  Find a bolt with the same metric thread; cut it to the right length; find a proper washer that doesn't scrape my ankles out with every revolution.
Bolt holding the crank

Oh Fun !  And the worst is that all this is probably due to some French mechanic not tightening the bolt properly !

Merde !
No bolt holding the crank

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