Friday, 13 September 2013

The Cons of Ferry travel (or Moooh, Moooh!)

Ferry travel has a downside?  Impossible, one would think!  But there are drawbacks indeed.  And the fare is the smallest one of them.  Try arriving in a packed ferry terminal without a single tree or shaded area on a 25 degree Vancouver day, sitting in an oven on wheels for an hour, just to be informed that you get to sit there for another 2 hours because too many other travelers filled up the ferry you tried to get on. This didn't happen today, but it happened to me before and it SUCKS!
This ferry terminal is FAR FROM full. 

Another downside stems from the fact that I happen to be of the strange opinion that people should not be treated like cattle.  But working one's way to one of the waiting rooms along the route depicted in the pictures, how could one feel anything but a cow on the way to slaughter?

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