Saturday, 21 September 2013

Elementary, dear Watson (or The Case of the Hong Kong Beach Woman)

When I was investigating a most fiendishly complicated case at a beach in Hong Kong during the month of May in the year 2012 and used my camera to take a self-portrait, I discovered after the film sheets were developed, that some woman had walked into the otherwise pristine shot.  So instead of just the South China Sea and myself, there now were 3 in the picture. 

Evidently a SPY !

Since the picture still showed all the important players I was not too disconcerted about it. Until today.
The International Sleuth Union was updating their member catalog and had asked me to provide a new picture for that catalog (apparently some of my clients had complained that my pictorial representation in the old catalog no longer matched my current appearance).  So I complied by having my portrait taken, and while waiting for the photographer to develop the film I was secretly praying that the pictures would not show what some of those clients had complained about. As soon as the prints had been delivered, I therefore tore the envelope open with feverish anticipation.  But nothing in my long experience could have prepared me for what I saw next:
Does the woman in orange look familiar?

I was being followed. And I had failed to notice it !

But it got worse. On my walk through London, the feeling of being followed persisted. I had my portable camera with me and at several times I took a camera shot over my shoulder.
Regents Park

Hyde Park

Easy-Orange Coach Lines
Finally I got a shot of my foe's face:

You can not imagine how relieved I was to realize that my imagined ferocious foe was indeed my friend Yiman, who I encountered first many years ago in the far western regions of Canada.

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