Thursday, 26 December 2013

Further sea trials (or Watch out ducks !)

It was time for another set of sea trials of the aircraft carrier of the Navy of the Republic of East Vancouver.  Trials had to be interrupted and underwear had to be wet on the last occasion, when the ship's engineer (Conrad) discovered that installing that tiny screw that holds the drive shaft together could have made it unnecessary to wade into the lake to recover the boat.  The tiny screw now has been installed properly and Captain Mika sends the ship into the trials with a new colour scheme.

For all those people who own a dog for the explicit reason to facilitate meeting people (be they other dog owners or dog admirers):  A remote controlled aircraft carrier works even better !

Sea gulls have been seen approaching the ship in an aggressive posture, but they are smart enough to realize that this silvery thing is not a fish and none has tried having the ship for lunch yet.

This being Trout Lake, it is almost certain that there is not a single living trout in it (Hey, this is Vancouver; it's all make-belief ;-) but there are many ducks and sea gulls found on the surface (probably something about trout not able to live in concentrated duck shit).  So the Admiral's (Conrad again) next plan is to improve the steering capability of the ship (e.g. installing the rudder in-axis with the propeller ;-) to be able to chase ducks.

My suggestion of mounting a spring-loaded butterfly net to the flight deck that could be released by remote control to 'net' the ducks only earned some 'is he for real?' animal-loving looks ;-)

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