Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A few tropical remnants

On our last day the check-out time of the hotel was noon and our plane would leave at 11 pm.  That would have been 11 hours of being homeless.  So we paid for a late check-out time that would let us stay in the room until 6pm. Attempts to offset the cost of the late check-out against the water leak in the kitchen, which we had to live with for a week, were answered by the receptionist in one word: "Negative".  Boooh!

But the late check-out time was perfect timing to let us watch yet another sunset from the Lanai ;-)

After waiting one hour for the West Jet counter to open we waited another 2.5 hours for boarding time. Some of that time was spent in the restaurant of the international departure lounge of Kona Airport, which looks simple but serves yummy food.
The rest was spent in the terminal, which can't be classified as a regular airport terminal building, as this picture indicates: 
View from within the terminal 'building'

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