Saturday, 14 December 2013

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? An IFO (Identified Flying Object)

I can't remember ever suffering from any fear of flying.  I always enjoyed flying. I just didn't enjoy being stuffed into an over-sized tin can together with 100s of other sardines of the air, which isn't really flying anymore. It is more like mass conveyance by being stuffed and flung in a metal tube.  Flying is different; Just ask Leonardo da Vinci and a few other brains:


Why am I posting lots of old drawings stolen from the internet? 
BECAUSE I saw something AGAIN. Something similar in nature to the Duk Ling in Hong Kong and Le Renard in Saint Malo. Something with sails (preferably red ) on the horizon that instantly awakens my curiosity, resulting in me looking it up in the internet and praying that I can get a closer look.  It even has a red sail (kind of).

Just WHAT exactly IS IT?  
After a bit of internet searching I have found it:  Click on the capitals to get to the contraption's WEBSITE.

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