Monday, 16 December 2013

Time to re-join reality (or from 28 C to 5 C)

Still rising early before 5 am, in particular today, when a double full moon casts its water-reflected light over my sleeping self (It's bloody BRIGHT), I realize that this is the last time this will happen in a while.

Last day waking up with a horizon visible from my bed.
Last day falling asleep under a rotating ceiling fan 
Last day sleeping with only screen doors between me and the ocean.
Last day sleeping with the thundering surf drowning out any other noise, except maybe the occasional crazy motorcyclist.
Last day with a luxurious 10 hours 57 minutes between SUNrise and SUNset, which tomorrow will be reduced to 8 hours and 11 minutes of wet gloom.

Last day going for my pre-sunrise bike ride.

Last day being the first one to walk on a beach in the morning

Last day of seeing those pink illuminated morning cumulus rising over the other islands

Last day to see other crazy people out before sunrise.

Last day to see these shades of blue go through their changes.

Last day to see the sun rise over Mauna Loa or whatever that range is.

Last morning to cycle right into the sun on the way back to the hotel.

not my pic
Last day on which anything squirreling across the street will be a mongoose and not a squirrel.

Writing the first bits of this post at 6 am, it dawns on me (literally ;-) just how much I am going to miss this.
But try not to be misled. The real Hawaii is far from the paradise many think it is. That illusion quickly evaporates after breathing one's daily Vog, which according to a geologist creates the worst air quality anywhere in the US; after seeing the homeless and destitute stumble out of dry bushy areas, from beaches or lawns, where they spent the night; after noticing how many people pay with food stamps in supermarkets, after counting the number of ex-soldiers with missing limbs, or after trying to guess which individuals have to choose between food and a visit to the doctor.

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