Saturday, 21 December 2013

Let there be light (or Hope at the end of a DARK tunnel)

Fear not. The days are no longer getting shorter.  The sun at noon soon might rise high enough above the horizon for its rays to make it over your local neighbourhood trees to actually illuminate and warm a freezing face.  For me that is the best thing about Winter:  The days are getting longer again.   And in only about 180 days, we get to enjoy summer again with that one sad side-effect: shortening days.
Not my picture
I briefly considered going to Stonehenge to celebrate the winter solstice, but then realized that Stonehenge is 2 degrees further North than Vancouver, so that the day would be even shorter than Vancouver's  8 hours and 11 minutes.
not my picture
Unfortunately one can't speed up the Universe, so the day tomorrow in Vancouver will only have 3 seconds more of daylight than today. 180 days is a long time when sitting in the dark !  What to do if one NEEDS more sunlight, like for example more than 12 hours of it?  There is something called the Southern Hemisphere. And it is summer there now (Careful: The days are getting shorter there now).
14.5 Hours of daylight in Buenos Aires today (not my picture)

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