Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The long march, the big sleep, and the turtle head (11:45 am to 6pm)

27 degrees Celsius that feel like 34 degrees (Hawaiian wind chill ;-).  But I have to pick up my rental bicycle, so I start my 45 minute walk into town.  5 minutes into the walk I just want to cover my eyes.  A snowman in this temperature?

Then it's just the road, the heat, and the bulging flowers. The ever-present plumeria:

Hibiscus flowers (Thank you, Denise !)

Fishy tail-fins being grown on trees?

Gorgeous water in which I cool my overheating feet:

Then this butterfly entices me to take pictures of it by hopping about 3 feet in front of me.  When he decides to land only one picture out of 4 turns out sharp (too excited; shaking all over the place ;-)

Then I reach town and get the bike:

What took 45 minutes to walk one way takes at most 10 minutes the other way.

When I get home I throw some Marlin in the pan (The old man and the sea ;-), eat, try to read, and fall asleep on the bed.  After that I decide to have a 'real' cigarette (NO real SMOKING inside the building) outside and hang out on the water side of the hotel.

First discovery: These Darth Vader Crabs are at least as large as my outstretched hands and move over these rocks like wind-hounds.  These side-walkers of darkness are FAST !

When I peruse the rocks close to my feet for any more of these critters, I discover Mr. Turtle frolicking (laying eggs?) a few feet in front of me.

He doesn't look too pleased about me taking pictures:
After that it's just boring sunsets until dark ;-)

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