Wednesday, 11 December 2013

I just can't help it (Just announced concerts)

On November 11th of 2012 I saw a concert in Vancouver.  I liked it so much that in December 2012 I bought tickets for concerts of the same performers in Dublin and Cologne in the summer of 2013.  Without those two concert dates, my bike trip through Brittany would have never happened.
all pictures of the Cologne concert
 Shortly after I saw the Cologne concert, one of the performers fractured his hand and the rest of the tour was cancelled.  The thought that I might never again be immersed in the landscape of sound (soundscape?) created by Crazy Horse left me feeling a bit empty. As if someone had switched off a star in the sky for ever.
This morning I got an e-mail from the people who sold me the Cologne ticket.  Now they're trying to sell me tickets for Hyde Park, Ulm, Mo'gladbach, or Mainz for the summer of 2014.  The fractured hand has healed ;-)

There is also rumoured to be a concert in France, close to the Spanish border !   Tres Tempting, in particular since a certain favourite song of mine starts with the line "Take a cruise to China or a train to Spain, ..."

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