Monday, 9 December 2013

The Three Turtle post (Honu here, honu there, honus everywhere)

WTF is a honu, you may ask.
The Honu is a Hawaiian symbol of longevity, peace, good luck, humility, wisdom, and the spirit within (obviously not my choice of words)
Honu is also the Hawaiian word for turtle and here is my favourite way of seeing it:

A cave drawing (not my pic)
Symbol on stickers, key chains, and any other doodahs imaginable (not my pic)

Honu carved from cow bone (presently around my neck)

Today is also the day that I saw 3 (three) different turtles in the tide pools right behind the hotel.

One honu a day shoos the flurries away,

Those battle scars make it look as old as the sea

two honus a day keep the cold at bay,

spitting out rocks

three honus a day make Chris a very happy boy.

Laying eggs is hard work

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