Friday, 6 December 2013

The Painted Church (or Paint it Black on Day III)

The day starts like any other. Get up before sunrise, wait for dawn and the first surfers, take the bike for a ride, maybe even up the hill to the grocery store that opens at 7am.

Plumeria bushes/trees (?) drop their leaves not when they are all dried up and shrivelly, but when they are still quite nice.  Riding the bike along a road lined with Plumeria of different shapes and colours, I can not resist picking some off the ground and putting them on the bike.

 Back at the hotel, the waves seem higher than normal.

 This little guy makes a hell of a noise !
After buying some piece of mind (also known as car insurance), we head off to the town of Captain Cook and 'The Painted Church'.  The plan was to attend a church service there tomorrow and today is supposed to be a scouting trip to figure out how long it would take us to get there. After climbing from sea level quite high to Captain Cook, we have to get down again to the coast. Nice vistas:

Then we get to the St Benedict, the 'painted church'.
WTF?  It is famous because they 'painted it white'?

fabulous view for everyone

I still only see WHITE

OH!  I SEE !!!!  It is the "painted on the inside church" !

Please note how the geometric palm tree patterns transform into the classical cathedral architectural pattern ;-)

 And if the service is not to one's liking: There is always the view to save the day ;-)

Is that a palm tree behind Jesus casting the devil (with coins dropping out of pockets) into the abyss?

All I could do after that was have a nap, and when I woke up it was the perfect time to take the bicycle to the grocery store again and observe the sunset on the ride back (Traditions/habits are easily formed here ;-)

See the dog in the bottom right?  Waiting for his surfer master. Seems to be very common around here.

Another old man and the sea

Sunset from the grocery store

on the way back

Yes. I am sweating. I am biking and it is 27 degrees and muggy ;-)
Then it is 'sunset time' again ;-)

until tomorrow !

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