Saturday, 7 December 2013

A trip to Hawi (or: 'nough said )

The day starts out like any other. Breakfast on the Lanai before dawn.
 Then the dawn bike ride; this time not heading North, but South past the town into terra incognita.

Kona just waking up (Hualalai looming behind)
(In a previous post I ERRONEOUSLY called this volcano Mauna Loa. It is Hualalai that will threaten Kona when it next erupts)

I head past Kona (or is it Kailua?) towards the horrible Giant Mall Plaza on the way to the airport. But I stay left, sneak past some tennis courts, and follow one of those 'Public Beach Access' signs along a path barely wide enough to carry the bike.  Then I am on the shore, doing my thing in front of some private residence's living room.

Iron Man ;-)

I keep cycling further, heading towards the OLD Kona airport, which now has been converted to a recreational area (gorgeous looong beach).

kitty enjoying the morning sun on the runway

taking off into the sunrise ;-)

Mauna Loa looming

The Man and his Machine (cheezy, eh?)

la plage

Back at the hotel there is just the usual surfing going on ...

In the afternoon it is time for a car excursion with Grandma. I had suggested the northern-most tip of the Big Island. No idea what it looks like there, but that we should know once we get there ;-)

Last year we made it as far as Waimea and then turned back. On the road to Waimea again ...

The road to Hilo with Mauna Kea on the left and Mauna Loa on the very right

cinder cone ?

tres belle !
Then we get to Hawi.

One of the last verbal communications was my "Where would you .like to eat?".  There wasn't much choice and soon thereafter traveller's relations quickly deteriorated and we drove the 60 miles back to the hotel without stopping at any of the VERY tempting photo-op spots (a power-generating wind turbine park with  Maui towering on the horizon ; every combination of every imaginable shade of blue ocean, brown-black earth, and beige grass; BEACHES, for which I had brought a change of clothes, etc etc) or exchanging a single spoken word.

After a nap I go for my evening shopping bike ride (one can never have too much wine, fish, or octopus poke in the fridge ;-)

I guess turtles stick their heads in the sand too...

almost forgot.  another sunset .... ;-)

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