Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A fabulous end to the old year (Vancouver Cabaret)

Normally I would have been in bed by 9 pm on a New Year's Eve, but my pseudo-nephew Mika had other plans. He wanted to see some jugglers and acrobats, which were advertised by this LINK.

The acts varied all over the spectrum (could this be the reason for why it's called a variety show (Varieté )?)

While some acts were more appealing to younger audiences ...
Not my picture.

Travis Bernhardt (not my pic)

the one below fascinated both young and old.  FABULOUS !!! Surreal !!!  Amazing !!! Want to see it again !!!
(Elijah Leone Cherweznyk; obviously not my picture)
After a 20 minute intermission (time to do some 'vaping' in the Foyer) DynaMike (below) decided to juggle a running chain saw in the Playhouse. Unfortunately it was not powered by a Lithium battery but by an internal combustion engine.  Imagine the combination of a SMALL STAGE, powerful LIGHTS, and  2-stroke engine EXHAUST ;-( 
DynaMike in Dubai (No, I haven't been taking pictures in Dubai )
Then it was time for a woman in sparse clothing by the name of Leah James to climb up and down two red pieces of cloth suspended from the ceiling clothing after singing.  This was the matter-of-fact description, but the total was definitely WAY MORE than the sum of its parts ;-)

Probably not Leah James and definitely not my picture
The rather ear-piercing finale leading to the final bows of all performers and the count-down at 10 pm was delivered by The Carnival Band
The Carnival Band on Commercial Drive (not my pic)
As soon as the new year had arrived (at 10 pm), Mika was only concerned with collecting as many as possible of the blue balloons that had dropped from the ceiling at 'Zero', while strangely enough total strangers started shaking hands and wishing each other 'Happy New Year'.  At 10 pm.  This was just a touch too surreal for me and I hopped on a waiting bus to North Vancouver, which at Granville filled up with teenagers that smelled like beer as soon as they started talking.

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