Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A sunny day in Vancouver (NOT)

The following picture was taken at 11:15 am from Stanley Park:

True, it is not raining; but sunny it ain't !  Even though it was forecast.
And this is not an isolated incidence.  It seems that various Vancouver weather forecasts have a severe tendency to err on the grey side.
 What's going on? Weather forecasters that dare to mention the true number of grey hours get fired?  Too many people would jump out of their open-concept cubicle-stuffed offices (not likely, there are almost no opening windows in office buildings) if they were told the truth?

Ah well. Another day with sunny breaks has been forecast for tomorrow. We'll see.

Update from the future:  Friday 1 pm. The fog was supposed to be replaced by sunny skies at 9 am. NOT. QED ;-)

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