Monday, 20 January 2014

A day in the life of a beach (Day II )

At 6:30 it starts getting lighter outside. I consider showering and having breakfast before heading down for a look to the beach, but it is still the Year of the Snake, so off I go, even though I have a muscle ache in my feet (!) from yesterday.

A note on the beach:  It is almost the opposite of the beach in Saint Malo as can be seen by the absence of reflections. While the Plague du Sillon consists of very fine sand that approaches concrete in its consistency and reflects like a mirror, the consistency of the sand along Varadero approaches that of quicksand. It’s like climbing stairs because every step one has to climb out of the hole one sank in before.  Is there something like snowshoes for the beach? No wonder I have muscle ache in my feet ;-)

After running into the left-overs of yesterday’s party crowd I almost wish I hadn’t:

But as soon as one's away from the beach right in front of the hotel it gets better ;-)

Moon-set in the morning

Then there are some sunrise pictures from my balcony:

Down at the beach again

All kinds of things on the sand:
German shadows

stinky tourist leftovers

Portuguese man o'war

Dirty Cubans

shadows point left: still morning

The view south (towards Cuba)

Shadows still point left, but it's evening. All relative ;-)

Now that's a sunset

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