Thursday, 9 January 2014

Vancouver Weather & other malaises (or T minus 8 days)

My grandmother spends this winter in bed. Not really all winter: she has severe trouble sleeping at night and consequently catches up on her sleep during the day.
 But I noticed that the weather is starting to affect me too: Today I got up at 7 am and then slept again from noon to 1:30 pm.  Even then it was SO DARK outside, that I could not think of any reason to stop reading my book and get out there.
the view through the car's windscreen
Eventually hunger made moving necessary and I thought that the Greek Salad that comes with the Fish & Chips at Bay Moorings in Horseshoe Bay would be just the thing to wake and cheer me up.  As luck would have it, The District of West Vancouver was digging up the street right in front of the restaurant, somehow disabling them from serving hot food (gas?).
A pub down the street, where I had had some decent F&C before, this time was filled with TV screens carrying everything from KINO to Golf and Tobogganing, 'orrible music, and red-nosed middle-aged middle-of-the-day  drinkers.
Gloom & Doom in Horseshoe Bay
The food was so so today. And that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Enough mediocrity. If I don't get out of this city, I'll end up as one of the middle-everything crowd of average gray people too.  I grabbed my laptop and made sure that in 8 days from now I will be in a place with free education, free healthcare, with 28 degree weather where a large fraction of the natives speak at least 3 languages.

The Old Man and the Sea (Written by an author who liked to drink WHERE?)

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