Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Pelican Brief (Neither brief nor with Julia Roberts)

What's that in the sky in Varadero? I was certain it's neither a plane nor Superman! But what?  A bald eagle?  A giant seagull? A vulture?


not my pic
At this point it is useful to have been a young student in Germany. This is one of Grandma's fountain pens:

Not my pic
And the one I wrote with when I was 7 kind of looked like this.

And they are made by a company called Pelikan and all bear this Logo:

See the connection?  Unless the fountain pen maker got his Logo confused, these are Pelicans !

On the next day the water is flat as a mirror.  Perfect for a performance of Swan Lake, or should that be a new ballet by the name of Pelican Beach? Here is the basic choreography:

Pas de Deux:
Menage a trois

Pas de Quatre (Double Pas de deux?):

Change positions:

OOps. Back to rehearsals!

They're still there in the afternoon practicing their synchronized flying:

Everyone seems to be after the fish:

Over time I get the gist of zooming the camera and following the flying birds. Somewhat like Grandpa did as a 15 year old with his anti-aircraft gun in Germany trying to track bombers flying over his hometown.

This is when I learn something new (always FUN!).  Fortunately for Grandpa, the bombers in the sky above him were not dive bombers. But pelicans are:

Someone in a plane lost a rubber chicken?

Got the fish?

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