Saturday, 2 November 2013

Turning heads (or Another 2-bridges ride)

The heavy-rainfall warning had already posted but the hourly forecast said I should have enough time to make it to a lunch appointment downtown and back to North Vancouver before the deluge hit.
But looking at the sky it was obvious that the time available was short.
The view from Lions Gate Bridge
I'm a bit early for my lunch appointment (Le Velo is too fast ;-), so I take the scenic route and stop at some of the 'art pieces' I actually like.
Storm coming (Goes well with the whale/boat carcass theme)

I always liked this sculpture. The 'laser gun' points to different parts of the sky depending on wind direction and tide level.

Strange Days

I look back at the 'laser canon' and what I discover on it instantly captures my attention.  Their turning heads turn my head !
What the heck are these? Look at the neck of the one on the left!
Avian scratchy throat?
The one on the right was looking right at me before and when I hop on my bike he does a bat-like wing-spread.  Of course, once I get off the bike again, take off the gloves fumble for my camera, turn it on, point it in his direction, 2 second before the camera focuses, he takes his wings down again.  Reverse above procedure, get back on the bike, and then I pause for a moment and call to the bird: "Come on, do it again. Do it again." (Good thing no one was watching ;-)  And the bloody bird does it again!  Do I look like bird-mating material?  Without much hope, I get off the bike again, take off the gloves, pretty much convinced that Birdy will fold it's wings the moment I get the camera out of my pocket.

But NO:
This time he holds the pose.  Airing out his wings or enjoying the attention?

Any bird-watchers in the audience who can tell me what these are called?

After lunch  I head towards Second Narrows bridge but when I get there I don't take pictures, because the weather forecast seemed to have been too optimistic and the drops are increasing in frequency.  Along the last 100 meters to my hotel it is no longer drizzling, it is raining.  Close call and time to find those waterproof cycling/snowboarding pants in my storage locker !

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