Sunday, 10 November 2013

All good rides come in threes

It was SUNNY when  I opened my curtains this morning!
My mood instantly improved when I realized I would not have to take the car today, but could use Le Velo all day.
The first bike ride to Robson Street was planned the moment I found out that Alisia, previously receptionist in my motel, now worked in a posher hotel downtown.  I still owed her a few fridge magnets (long story), so to downtown I pedaled ;-)
The view West from Lions Gate Bridge

Hmmm! far-far-away places ....
the view North

My grandfather JJ would have loved the many anchored ships

Past my favorite Vancouver sculpture (reminds me of HK ;-)

At first I worried that that the ride would miss its objective (small worry: after all, I DID get sun & exercise) because Alisia might not be on shift at the L.. hotel on Robson, but already from outside the hotel doors I saw the copper hair.  A big hug gave the impression that she might have been happy to see me ;-)  I briefly (VERY briefly) considered relocating to the L.. hotel, but the absence of smoking rooms and, more importantly, the room rates quickly made me abandon that idea VERY quickly.

The way back to North Vancouver:

The dirty end of Coal Harbour: "But tell me: Where do the children play? "

View East from Lions Gate Bridge

After a late 11 am breakfast at Pho Japolo (the one with the generous glass of white wine ;-) I took Le Velo up the 200 meters of altitude difference to visit Grandma. At a stop at a liquor store on my way down the hill, I found a gentleman looking with interest at Le Velo.  I regretted my comment "It's electric" almost as soon as it had left my mouth.  Turns out the gentleman in his very early 70s had ridden electric bicycles as early as 12 years ago (Can you say Early Adopter?), and used to be the owner of a bike shop in North Vancouver that is now run by his son.  I also realized how much I am still a glutton for flattery, when Mr. Steed pronounced me a 'Genius' for riding this particular type of e-bike, since in contrast to other types of e-bikes, it actually can handle the North Vancouver hills. Disappointment spread across his face when I told him that this bike was not available locally as it was bought in France, but a short internet search since then has revealed that similar bikes operating on the same principle are built by Panasonic & Samsung and can be purchased from another North Vancouver bike company (Evolution bikes).

At 5:30 pm (it was dark by now), I connected the neon tubes to the bike, and headed over Lions Gate Bridge again towards the Vancouver Main Library, for a meeting of The Kilowatt Hour, a monthly get-together and ride of Vancouver Electric Vehicle enthusiasts.  This being November, attendance was sparse: only two other e-bikes were there, and both of their owners were on their home commute ;-) . BUT: only hours after reading about them in the internet, I saw an Evolution Panasonic model in the flesh (metal?).  Very nice indeed !

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