Friday, 22 November 2013

An encounter with SONY product care (updated as it 'appens)

Once upon a time there was a German in Saint Malo, who dropped his cheap Sony Cybershot onto a beach.  The same German then cycled halfway through the city to a French Futureshop, called DARTY. There the German bought a new camera. The German chose another Sony, because he was used to the button layout on SONYs and was wary of steep learning curves. But even though the German had just arrived in the country one day earlier, he already had gathered that he was in prime photography country, so he spent a little more money and got  a slightly better model. All the pictures between end of June to the end of September were taken with that new camera, showing what a wise decision that was.  Then it died. I guess it didn't like London either ;-)

On Thursday, 21st of November I booked an under-warranty repair with Sony Canada. I have to deliver it to a Sony Store and there is one in Pacific Centre.  They want me to pack the camera into its original box!  I guess people keep all the packaging material for anything they ever buy. Moi, I recycled the stuff in Saint Malo the same day that I bought the camera.
Pacific Centre Mall

Friday, Nov. 22nd, 7pm. I just returned from a bike ride to the Sony Store in Pacific Centre Mall.  The Mall was an eye-opener. Who buys all that STUFF?  Where do they get all that MOOLAH from?  Should I go shopping more?  What would I do with all the stuff? Where would I store it? Maybe I should go to NCA meetings (Non-consumers Anonymous)?
Anyhu, I located the SONY store.  The staff (Thank you, Max!) was exceedingly helpful, didn't expect me to bring my own box, and even remembered to take the memory chip out of the camera. Apparently I will be able to follow the process of the shipping/repair/shipping by internet and they'll even send me e-mails.

Wednesday, Nov. 27th 11:45 am. I just received an e-mail from SONY customer service.  They informed me that there was an issue with parts supply and whether it would be OK to exchange my BLACK camera for an identical BLUE one.  "Pas de probleme", I replied.

Thursday, Nov. 28th. Another e-mail informs me that the camera has been repaired and is being shipped back.

Friday, Nov. 29th. I received a package in the mail today.  A fancy new-looking (very new looking ;-) Sony camera.  It is the exact model that I wore out, but it is metallic blue.


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