Friday, 29 November 2013

Another concert in another November (Matthew Good)

I better start with the confession:
At first I read a Wikipedia article that stated that Matthew Good is from Vancouver.  Then someone seemed to have re-written the entire Wikipedia post, changing the tune to Matthew being from South Africa.  I really only realized that Dave Matthews and Matthew Good are two different people until after I bought the concert tickets ;-)  Good thing I like both their musics (Is there a plural of music?).

Anyhu, if you want to know why I bought the tickets, watch these two videos on YouTube:
Strange Days  (careful, this is pure unfiltered Vancouver and may not be for the faint of heart)

The tickets at the Orpheum were $40 including a TicketMaster charge of $12 (outrageous), which was CHEAP for a concert!  Given that it has been a few years since the heydays of the Matthew Good Band; given that Matthew Good battled mental illness, given that he gained a few pounds and lost a few hairs (haven't we all?), I must admit that I did not expect too much.  And was I ever wrong.

Good has lost nothing: the sound was great and his dervish-like whirling over the stage under a first-class light show kept me grinning and the audience on their feet through most of the show.

 The Orpheum as a venue for a 'rock' concert is quite an experience ;-)

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