Friday, 22 November 2013

Butting out (sort of ...)

Yesterday I went to a movie theatre.  I had never seen Out of Africa on the big screen and it happens to be Grandma's favourite movie.
Big screen material !
I had not watched this movie in at least 10 years and I'm glad I saw it again.  Some things one just doesn't see when one is younger. Some of the lines coming out of Robert Redford's mouth could be published in this blog without changing a single word ;-)

Anyhu, when I was smoking a cigarette after the movie and was proceeding to the car, only interrupted by coughing fits, I noticed a very similar cough from another person walking over the parking lot.  With a bit of self-deluded hope, I instantly checked the man's hands to see whether I could be suffering from the same type of 'cold' as he was.   And yes, the glowing end of a cigarette was quite visible in the dark parking lot.

Anyhu II, a dear friend of mine almost kicked the bucket last year around this time, when she caught a bad cold with cough (the real kind) and added her 40 cigarettes a day on top of that.  Seems not enough oxygen was reaching her brain and she had to be brought to hospital where she spent several days in intensive care.
She told me that she had quit smoking after that incident, which on some level I found hard to believe, since since my teenage years I've had this image of her sitting across a table from me with a cigarette in her hand. When I visited her last summer, I realized that my gut feeling is rather well calibrated.  There she was sitting across the table from me wearing out the batteries of her new electronic cigarettes ;-)  (I kid you not: The look on her face when the battery indicator light had the wrong colour and more and more panicky inhalations did not deliver any nicotine was priceless ;-)

As of 11:30 am today I am the proud owner of a Joyetech Electronic Nicotine Delivery System ;-)

So far the results are surprising.  Whenever I would have lit a whole cigarette in the past, I just vape one drag from the new device (an update will follow after a yummy lunch with a glass of wine, to see how those affect the cravings).

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