Saturday, 30 November 2013

Coffee, PLEASE ! (Vietnamese coffee @ Pho Japolo)

I just realized that I've been going to the Vietnamese restaurant around my corner for over a year now, and never had a coffee there.
For those not familiar with this bit of Vietnamese history:  Vietnam was part of French Indochina until 1954. Some time later, until 1975 (!), the Americans thought they were better soldiers than the French.
Anyhu, the reason why I mention the French in Vietnam is that the French left something behind.  One reason why Vietnamese sandwiches are so fabulous is the bread they are made with.
Not my sandwich (nor  my picture)
Baguette. Vietnamese coffee & croissants are also well known and loved.
Today is the day when I finally have a coffee here.

The first thing I have to do is ask for instructions (just look at the contraption ;-).

The thing on the left is a thermos  bottle with hot water, which one pours into the metal filter thingy sitting on top of the glass on the right.  My filter was dripping VERY SLOWLY, and the coffee in the glass was very tasty but needed sugar.  Next time I will follow popular wisdom and get the coffee with sweetened condensed milk, which was also on the menu.  Live & Learn !

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