Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Storm coming (or Cycling in a cyclone)

Another sunny day, another day to ride the bike, I thought foolishly.  While not a cyclone as the title might suggest ( Way too many people have experienced a real cyclone recently), it was quite windy for Vancouver.

By the time I got halfway over Lions Gate Bridge my bicycle had to lean at quite an angle into the wind, which was blasting from the West.  The right side of my face had stopped sending signals to my brain a few minutes earlier and the only news from the left side was that my nose was dripping profusely.
Wind-chill factor at its finest ;-)

Where there are white-caps, there is WIND
Anyone who ever photographed a flag can tell how windy it is 

Surfer birds


Even with the bike leaning against a signb, the wind tilted the bike over the kickstand  and lifted the rear wheel

When I came around on of the bends at English Bay, I ran into this scene.  i'm not sure where the boat came from, but since i assume that no-one was crazy enough to go sailing in this weather, it might be from any mooring point West of English Bay. jericho sailing club maybe?

The people taking pictures all had a frantic look when they RAN away from the scene of their picture taking.  But I'm pretty sure they weren't afraid of me but were trying to be the first to send pictures to The Province, etc etc, as I decided when I saw a picture of the boat on the Global News website only an hour later.

Further along the ride, I noticed a sculpture that had eluded my attention before.  The individual panels rotate about the horizontal axes while the entire contraption rotates about the vertical axis.  A science sculpture !  LIKE ;-)  Coincidentally, it also harmonizes very well with the WIND theme ;-)

Between here and Commercial & Broadway I barely had to pedal, since the wind was pushing me along just fine ;-)

An updated on the stranded ships:
The day after: At least two ships have not been salvaged or moved:

Four days after:
Two stranded ships in one shot in this view from Kitsilano:

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