Monday, 25 November 2013

A message from where the sun don't shine

It's that time of the year again. The days are still getting shorter, even though an average person working in an office building in Vancouver probably only sees the sun out of window or during lunch break. And this year we are actually lucky.  In 27 years of living in Vancouver I have never witnessed a November with as many non-raining days as this past November.
But it's that time of year when one wants to be as close as possible to the nasty thermonuclear mess at the centre of our solar system and one's pupils are yearning for an extended duration of sunshine that forces them to constrict. But they're not likely to get it in Vancouver.

 There is this nice website called You type in a date and your location and it will tell you how many daylight hours you have, including all sun set/rise times etc etc.

Here are some daylight hours for Dec. 1, 2013

Vancouver   :  8h 29 m between sunrise and sunset
Tokyo:            9h 55m
Los Angeles:  10h 02m
Havana        : 10h 48m
Hong Kong  : 10h 52 m
Honolulu      : 10h 55m
Tegucigalpa  :11h 21m
Santiago de Chile : 14h 13m
Buenos Aires:        14h 18m
Melbourne :           14h 34m

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