Friday, 29 November 2013

Time to leave again (Someone should not have died today)

Vancouver car drivers are honking as if there was an official competition for a Guinness-book entry for the world's most obnoxious city to commute in.   And this being Vancouver, EVERYONE roots and honks for the home team.
How long until there will be the first road-rage shootings or until drivers will run down a cyclist on purpose?

Just last week I witnessed a twenty-something taxi driver roll down his window and voice nasty unpleasantries to a seventy or eighty something woman dressed not expensively but tastefully, and only because she was still on the street when the pedestrian light already showed the little red man.
How long until someone will beat-up an old woman because she can't cross the street fast enough?

This morning I thought I heard drumming from the First Nations Reserve that is located across the street from the motel.  When I crossed Lions Gate Bridge on my bicycle to head downtown, I was stopped dead in my tracks by the following view.


What can everyone do today to make this city more livable?

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