Thursday, 31 October 2013

Do you like Thai? (Sweet Basil Restaurant, North Vancouver)

Today is Halloween and since it is also getting dark outside earlier, I dug out some old lithium batteries and some 12V neon tubes I had bought on eBay years ago, and jazzed up Le Velo ;-!

With the weather turning colder, my body is telling me to feed it some hot spicy food.

After some searching and asking, I finally found the Sweet Basil Restaurant on Marine Drive in North Van.  Hint:  It's situated on one edge of the Save-on-Foods parking lot, and not actually on Marine Drive, as Google Maps would have you believe.
I get my first good impression, when the waitress (probably owner) asks me at 4:52 pm whether I would like to order from the lunch special menu or would like something bigger. No up-selling pressure here!
Wine is not on the menu (definitely no white wine, and after the lady had thought for 30 seconds about whether they have red wine, I had mercy and asked her what kinds of beer they sell ;-)
I ordered a green curry Basa (real fish,not the cheap mixed seafood) from the lunch special menu and while I am typing this i am sipping from a glass containing Singha beer. (After the list of beers had commenced with 'we have the local beers: Kokanee ... and Thai beer' I instantly requested a Thai beer and I am glad I did ;-)

The food arrives and looks great, except for the Broccoli in the curry bowl, which looks a bit odd.  The curry is very yummy but I suspect that it is westernized with more coconut milk and fewer spices. But that is my head talking, my stomach is perfectly happy ;-)

And I just figured out that Broccoli is a perfect conveyor of curry sauce.  Lots of sauce gets stuck in the top branches! Try that with a carrot ;-)

Since the weather will only getting colder and darker, I'm sure to be back here soon ;-)

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